Put Our Experience to Work for You

Over 60 years of experience in manufacturing thermal protection solutions for the aerospace, defence and industrial market. Darchem maintains a skilled workforce capable of delivering high quality product on a first time/ on-time basis.  The extensive use of tooling ensures consistent, repeatable parts in production, with high levels of customer satisfaction and consequent good Quality scorecards.

We hold NADCAP Special Process Approvals in Non-Conventional Machining, Non-Destructive Testing, Resistance and Fusion Welding, and Chemical Processing.  We employ an on-staff Metrologist and maintain a stable of coordinate measurement equipment including a Large Fixed Bed CMM, Portable Arms incorporating scanning Technology, an 8 Axis Arm – (Rotary Table) and 2D digitised shadow graph

Our Capabilities


Composite manufacture

Vessel - page 4

Textile manufacture

Sheet Metal Cold Forming

Sheet metal cold forming

Stretch/Expanding Forming

2 & 5 axis laser cutting

Sonaca A350 Elbow TIG Welding (1)

Welding-Resistance spot and seam, TIG, MIG, Fusion, and Laser

Riveting Biff panel (4)

Assembly - Riveting and Bonding

Logistics and Kitting Services

Honeycomb Abradable Seal (5)

Honeycomb Manufacture

Hot Form (press 1)

Hot Forming & Pressing

We are expert in High temperature alloy and titanium forming
X-ray bay 1

FPI, Radiography & Pressure Testing

FEA deflection (2)

Customer Approved Metallography Laboratory

Our Products

We are a market leader in the design and manufacture (and if required installation) of a wide range of high integrity engineered products in stainless steel and titanium as well as thermal insulation systems for aerospace, motorsport, marine defence, nuclear and oil & gas applications.

Honeycomb Products

A proven track record of design, test, manufacture and installation of metallic honeycomb products for the nuclear, aerospace, automotive and rail markets for over 40 years.


A range of non-metallic thermal products including polyimide film encapsulation, soft-blanket insulation, silicone fire barriers and composite heat shields.

Aircraft Component Fabrication

We manufacture complex fabrications in stainless steel and various exotic materials. We can accomodate any size project from single items to high volume batches.

Fire Protection

We are technical experts in offshore and petrochemical passive fire protection systems and all metallic insulation applications for the nuclear sector.

Aircraft Thermal Insulation

Darchem are a leading designer and manufacturer of thermal insulation products to protect key aircraft systems, using high performance materials.