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Darchem’s ability to select and develop insulation systems for use in high temperature, onerous and confined areas is based upon in excess of over 60 years of technical knowledge combined with extensive material experience and performance.

Developed system design not only includes thermal and fire requirements, but also considers other criteria such as product weight, fluid resistance, available cooling airflow, space constraints, fixings and expected life cycles etc.

Thermal blanket solutions can include traditional metallic skin blankets or coupons but options includes composite cold surface coverings that bring added flexibility and weight savings.  Insulation assemblies can be either integral (permanently attached) or detachable for those areas where ease of removal inspection is required for example.  The choice of exterior blanket cover provides the level of protection from physical/fluid damage but unlike the insulation core, they generally do not offer significant temperature savings.

We support the aerospace market with thermal protection for key systems;

  • Actuation protection
  • APU fire shielding
  • Bleed Air
  • Core Engine Heatshields
  • ECS & EBU heat shielding
  • Heat exchanger shielding
  • Fuel line fire protection
  • Pneumatic & Bleed Air systems heat shielding
  • Flexible soft insulation blankets for aero structures.

Supplying civil, business jet and engine markets including;

  • Airbus aircraft – A220, A320, A330/A340, A380, A350XWB
  • Boeing aircraft – B737, B747, B777, B787
  • Rolls Royce – Trent 700, Trent 7000, Trent 800, Trent 900, Trent 1000 Trent TEN, Trent XWB
  • Biz Jet – Bombardier, Embraer, Gulfstream, and  Dassault

Why Choose Darchem?

For over 60 years, our engineering teams have worked closely with our customers to ensure expected protection and durability.  Recognising the need for continual new material review Darchem invests in new product development using a targeted, customer requirement approach.  We also design for aesthetics in development/preliminary design phase for a new opportunity

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