Our experience is your advantage

Darchem has been the partner of choice for the insulation of nuclear power plant for over 50 years, with products on more than 180 nuclear sites worldwide. Darchem developed an unequalled reputation in thermal insulation systems in the 70’s and from there, gradually expanded its offerings for it to become a major global supplier.

Darchem’s blend of past experience and knowledge of modern plant allows Darchem to get involved at an early stage, which has proved beneficial to our clients.  Nuclear safety and quality are embedded in the design, manufacturing and installation processes. In addition, the incorporation of lean methodologies and continuous improvement processes are a major factor, often differentiating Darchem from other potential suppliers.

Why Choose Darchem?

Darchem Engineering has a unique combination of capabilities which enables it to broadly serve the Nuclear Industry to the highest standards. It has leading positions in high integrity nuclear power plant thermal insulation systems, passive fire protection systems, and impact energy absorbers, but also provides many other products which require particular expertise and high quality

Clean Shop (Stainless steel only)

Project Management of manufacture and procurement

Class leading quality

RPV Top Head Insulation
Manifold Insulation
waste 2
RPV Body Insulation