Darchem Thermal Fabrications supplies both fabrication assemblies and insulated components (thermal & fire blankets) for a variety of aerospace Defence programmes including fixed wing and helicopters.

A developed knowledge of available materials and their performance in onerous environments is a paramount advantage as is the ability to understand the rigours of extended use whilst maintaining structural and performance integrity.  As such, material choice is an important issue. Using internal design supplemented by confirmatory testing, Darchem is able to select the most appropriate for the task and thereby not simply rely on supplier material data. This ensures Darchem developed systems fully meet customer requirements.

Example military programmes include:

  • Fighters and Trainers (Tornado, Eurofighter, F-35, Gripen, JAS39, (Hawk, Typhoon, Jaguar)
  • Transporters (A400M, KC,390, A330 MRTT, C-27J,C-130)
  • Helicopters (AW101, AW159, V280)

Product solutions include:

  • Actuation protection
  • APU fire shields
  • Bulkhead insulation
  • ECS & EBU heat shielding
  • Heat exchanger shielding
  • Fuel line fire protection
  • Pneumatic systems heat shielding
  • Power unit protection

Naval and Marine

Within the UK Defence Industry Darchem Projects Division Stands alone as the pre-eminent Design Team and Centre of Excellence for the design of Marine Propulsion Uptakes & Downtake Systems.

For Over 50 Years Darchem has established itself as the UK Defence Industry’s Preferred Partner when it comes to the supply of Advanced Uptake & Downtake Solutions, Folding Fire Barriers, Mission Bay Doors and Infra-Red Suppression Systems.


Marine Propulsion Uptake and Downtake Systems

We are fully capable of Designing and Manufacturing Uptake and Downtake Systems of Any Size and Performance.

  • Ranging from Small Bore Pipe Work to Large Scale
  • Typical Examples are Gas Turbine Uptakes for the RR Marine MT30 and GE LM2500 Families
  • Low Weight Design
  • Low through life cost
  • High efficiency Air filtration
  • Optimisation of System for maximum power plant performance
  • Efficient Noise Attenuation


Infra-Red Suppression Systems

We can offer Level 1 film cooling up to level 5 Eductor/ Diffuser Signature Reduction. Our family of IRSS Devices can be tailored to meet our clients individual Signature Requirements.

Darchem systems are in service with various navies around the world, and have a proven record of accomplishment in performance.


Folding Fire Barriers

Darchem Folding Fire Barriers provide a high level of Fire Protection across a large cross sectional area, these are typically hanger decks, or areas associated with a fire risk.

The Darchem Folding Fire barrier is the only proven and in-service sire protection system, which can be deployed in under 15 seconds and offer a high level of fire resistance.


​​Example military programmes include:

  • Type 45, Type 31, HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen
  • RMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant Aircraft carrier
  • Bay class, Juan Carlos
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HMS Dragon and HMS Queen Elisabeth
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