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Darchem Engineering Celebrates Completion of Hinkley Point C Project

In a remarkable achievement, Darchem Engineering Ltd’s Products Division has announced the successful completion of the 10th and final Sluice Gate Frame for the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station in Somerset. This milestone marks the culmination of a project that began with the delivery of the first assembly in February 2022.

The Sluice Gate Frames are integral to the safety and functionality of the nuclear power station, and their completion is a testament to Darchem Engineering’s commitment to excellence in highly complex engineering projects. The company has once again demonstrated its ability to meet the demands of challenging markets with its skilled workforce and technical expertise.

The project’s success was celebrated by the team, with a special acknowledgment to all the individuals who played a pivotal role in reaching this critical stage. The accomplishment not only signifies a significant contribution to the energy sector but also reinforces Darchem Engineering’s position as a leader in the engineering industry.

For more information on Darchem Engineering’s capabilities and the details of this significant project, visit their website at Darchem Engineering.


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