Darchem Engineering LTD delivers its 100,000 Thrust Reverser Blanket for the B737NG

Stillington, UK  –  This month Darchem Engineering will build and ship it`s 100,000th TRU Blanket for the B737NG. In 1991 Boeing initiated development of the more efficient, longer range Boeing 737-600 series Next Generation Aircraft. With Darchem’s turnkey service we were able to support this introduction using our in house design capability and testing to qualify thermal blankets for use on the largest commercial aircraft program in the world.

The first production blankets left Darchem in 1997 and have since gone through various design iterations fully supported by Darchem. Darchem`s design and operations team have seen changes in both design and volume and with our many years of experience are able to react quickly to support our customer needs.  Darchem is proud to achieve this significant milestone and continues to supply high quality product on time to our customers.

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About Darchem Engineering Ltd. – 
Darchem Engineering Limited is a world class Engineering Company providing products and services to meet the needs of our customers for engineered solutions to high temperature/thermal engineering problems.  Headquartered in the United Kingdom with over 60 years of experience, Darchem’s high-performance products can be found on aircraft, ships, oil rigs, performance motorcars, and in many other applications others worldwide. For more information please visit our website at